Most times when I hear the phrase picnic site, I quickly imagine, a bread basket, a wine bottle, and a couple who seem to have been in love forever. Picnics always struck me as something you do as a grand romantic gesture. It was hard for me to imagine that you could picnic with family and friends.

But that all changed the day I found myself at Olooltepes Picnic Site. It was just an ordinary Saturday afternoon which a couple of friends and I had decided to go on a road trip towards Isinya in. As well planned as the road trip was, it did not happen and I will tell you why.

The day started as usual with the occasional waiting for the usual late suspects. The drive to Kiserian was graceful, owing to little traffic on the roads. We were well into our plan when, from out of nowhere, this beautiful sanctuary comes up in front of us.

We immediately pulled over and got out of the car. We could not believe what we had stumbled upon. It was the same feeling I got when I first went to the animal orphanage as a kid – the feeling of expectancy, excitement and anticipation. That is how our road trip had come to an end.

Olooltepes Picnic Site has this beautiful, magnificent and breathtaking sceneries that are just worth the visit by themselves. The well trimmed grass, the trees swaying in unison as if welcoming you to have a good time, the ever spectacular Ngong hills on the horizon – the picnic site is just a great fun place

But what struck me most was its size. It was massive; you could literally hold a go-cart derby easy. We also got the privilege of picking out our spot but quickly realised that was not going to be an easy choice to make; to sit by a bench, under a tree, in the grass, at the picnic tables – so many wonderful choices. It was like choosing an ice cream flavour.

As we sat, a waiter came and waited us and being creatures of habit, we ordered the ordinary Kenyan delicacy, ‘nyama choma’. We had a fantastic time, sharing our time and really bonding. We got to interact with a couple of people and it surely felt like we were at home.

As always good things must come to an end but as we were leaving, we were informed that they were building a swimming pool to add on to the already spectacular facilities they had.

As we left the Olooltepes, I felt like I had made a new friend. A day that began with other plans ended up being one of the most memorable days of our lives – thanks to Olooltepes Picnic Site.