Our Epic Story

Kenya Geographic is Kenya’s first online Integrated Tourism Platform (ITP). It is a one-stop travel shop where you can buy your air ticket, book your accommodation and choose your travel itinerary. Soon, you will also be able to do your travel shopping and watch your favourite travel shows. So do you have your bucket list ready? Worry not. Safiri Kenya, our award-winning travel blog, will sort you out.

Our Promise

Whether you desire to travel off-the-beaten-path or you wish to stick to the known path, we will give you an unforgettable experience. From our carefully selected collection of adventures and tours to quality, vetted accommodation facilities, we will make you appreciate why Kenya is the home of the Safari, the Cradle of Humanity, the hotbed of vibrant culture, spectacular natural beauty and beautiful people.

Our Values


for travel drives our spirit of adventure and the desire to share our Kenyan experience with the world.


fuels our quest to be ever at the cutting edge of technology so our customers and partners can have a blast.


lures us to inexorably seek out new horizons of opportunity, take risks, act with purpose and always work as a team.


inspires us to always seek to honour God by earning a decent and honest livelihood free of corruption.


Awards & Nominations

We are a bankable multi-award-winning Kenyan brand with several local and international awards and nominations.



With more than a decade in travel, we have honed our skills in the industry to know how it ticks and what it needs to thrive.



We are a homegrown travel solution, so we understand the opportunities, challenges, and unique attributes of our backyard.



Our backend is built on solid technology secured by industry trusted encryption to secure your transactions and privacy.

"Welcome to the future of travel. You are here by design. Be part of the new disruption."

Travel With Excellence

Henry Muuthia


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