Need help with your travel designs?

We can light it up.

How it works


You submit your need

Send in your creative requirements (Photography, videography, digital artwork design, copywriting, or copyediting)


We get down to work

Once we agree on the shape and feel of your creative work, you sign it off to us through a contract then you sit back and wait!


We deliver

We deliver the final work, in an agreed format while collecting our cheque and everyone goes home happy.

Let us Light Your World

What We Do

creativequest copywriting and copyediting work


We will originate your travel stories for your blog or travel magazine. We can also spruce up your existing ones and go ahead to make the SEO-ready. Everything is subjected to Grammarly for originality and quality.

Graphics Design.

We shall originate eye-catching artworks for your social media, website or print media to make you stand out. If you have an EneaViral ad account and need help with design work, we count on us.

creativequest photography and videography


Capture lasting impressions to complete the human interest story. Liven your ad banners, social media posts, and flyers with high-quality photos. If you need things in motion, then we can shoot and edit for you.


Do you run sponsored articles.

Absolutely! If you already have a good quality post written, why not! You actually skip the copywriting and copyediting steps and just pay USD 200 per article to get featured on the Safiri Kenya ™ Blog

What is the turnaround time.

From needs submission to delivery, between 3-4 working days. This however depends on the workflows (approvals times, timely content submissions) from your end.

Do you do websites.

Very tricky question. Yes and no. No, because we do not do independent websites with CreativeQuest ™ and yes because we can walk with you to build a powerful presence on our SafariQuest ™ Booking Engine.

Is CreativeQuest ™ for me.

If you are in the travel and hospitality industry, yes you are. It is not discrimination, just our dedication to building the Kenyan tourism industry in every way possible.