With all his might and majesty, the lion is the best-suited candidate for the throne of the jungle. As humans, we all agree because let us face it, if you came face to face with the king of the jungle, do you think you would stand a chance – even if you used a few lion survival tips from our survivor series?

But does this point of view apply to all the animals in his kingdom? Have there been challengers to the throne – other culprits tired of the lion’s long reign?

Apart from the usual family feuds common with high ranking, power-wielding individuals, are there other animals outside the lion family that would want a multi-party system, to put it simply? Or some sort of democracy where other animals can also get a fair shot at the throne?

Is this even possible? Could there be an organised plot to end the reign of the lion king? If there is, what proof is there, and why has it taken so long?

Let us look at some animals that might have it in for the lion. The buffalo, a mass of angry muscles; the hyena, the bone crusher; the leopard, the master of stealth. Could all of these animals be working together to take down the lion?

Why is it that these animals do not spare innocent lion cubs whenever they come across them? Is it that they are tired of the lion, and they feel it is time for him to step down for another kind to rule? Why is it they have not succeeded so far?

Unlike the leopard, the lion does not live alone. He always has an army of blood-thirsty warriors to back him up. Although you may say the buffalo, with his almost impenetrable herd, fits the same profile, years of being hunted and intimidated have reduced this mighty beast into a coward. But what about the hyena? Why has he not been able to do it?

Despite his size, the hyena has a bite powerful enough to put down a fully grown lion. Why has he not used this bite to his advantage? It is simply because he does not have the charisma, strength or the swag required to rule the animal kingdom. Seriously, who would want the hyena as their king? I would not!

So there you have it, despite the lion being an eyesore to all other animals, there would be no other animal powerful enough to be king of the jungle. Maybe if the great white lived on land, he would have a chance. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.