When we talk about bosses, we immediately imagine a powerful figure, wielding authority and a, do-not-mess-with-me, attitude. Yes, that is exactly how I would describe this culprit.

The African Cape Buffalo; a mass of angry deadly muscles, is the ultimate boss. It should feature in the periodic table as an unstable compound.

Weighing a whooping 900 KG, with a shoulder height of 5.6 FT and a body length of 3.4 M, the African Cape Buffalo or ‘nyati’, as it is locally known, is by far the fiercest of mammals to walk the face of the earth.

Because of its unpredictable behaviour, it is the only buffalo that has never been tamed unlike its counterparts, the water and the forest buffalo.

Now why do I think this is the fiercest of mammals? It is the only herbivore its size that can challenge a pride of lions and get away with it.

Furthermore, it has such a hard head, literally, that the base of its horns which by the way is called a boss, yes, I kid you not, cannot be penetrated by a rifle’s bullet.

Who else do you know that has such a head? Which other animal has the audacity to openly challenge the king of the beasts and stand its ground and when one is attacked, the others come back for a fight? This is either a sign of sheer stupidity or unimaginable courage and defiance.

What makes this animal such a fearsome opponent, is its deranged nature, intense anger and the body to back it up. It is like Rambo on steroids. To make matters worse, this is just an ordinary male buffalo. The deadliest of all, is the alpha, the leader of the herd.

Unlike most of our leaders who are elected by secret ballot or nomination, the alpha, literally fights his way into the throne, sometimes killing if he has to. A simple charge from an alpha can make you wet your pants, twice.

The lion can be the king of the jungle, because of the help of his family, but in my book, the African buffalo, is the king of the beasts. Think about it, if it came to a one-on-one combat, mano a mano, between a pride male and an alpha buffalo, would the lion really win? Let me hear your thoughts.