According to Semrush, an online visibility management and content marketing Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, these are the top 20 travel websites that shaped how Kenyans planned, booked, and experienced their journeys in 2023.

1. is a well-known travel company that offers various accommodation options to travellers, from luxurious resorts to affordable stays. Interestingly, despite most Kenyans using mobile devices, receives 59.51% of its traffic from desktop users. Most of our traffic on SafariQuest Hotels comes from mobile. While the platform has recently experienced a slight decrease in traffic, it still made it to the top 20 travel websites list with most traffic originating from direct searches.

Visits: 658.92K
Desktop Share: 59.51%
Mobile Share: 40.49%
MoM: ↑94.33%
YoY: ↓1.56%
Main Traffic Source: Direct

2. Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways, the national carrier, recently updated its website to offer a better user experience, and the move has paid off, as the growth in traffic shows. The airline has witnessed a 38.02% month-over-month and 7.59% year-over-year growth in traffic. Travellers get comprehensive information about KQ’s flights, schedules, and travel essentials. Interestingly, 82.26% of them prefer to use the website’s desktop option. Search engines play a crucial role in driving traffic to this website. By the way, we keep a large inventory of their flights on our SafariQuest Flights engine, besides other flight options.

Visits: 432.11K
Desktop Share: 82.26%
Mobile Share: 17.74%
MoM: ↑38.02%
YoY: ↑7.59%
Main Traffic Source: Search

3. Immigration Department

The Immigration Department’s website being on the top 20 travel websites list is quite interesting! As Kenya’s official custodian of travel documentation, the government agency provides important information on visas, permits, and associated services. The website has experienced a significant 67.73% increase in traffic month-over-month, making it a rising star among Kenyans travelling or wishing to travel abroad. Much of its traffic comes from search which indicates good SEO and possibly an increasing interest in travel-related queries related to immigration.

Visits: 316.26K
Desktop Share: 81.47%
Mobile Share: 18.53%
MoM: ↑67.73%
YoY: ↓8.23%
Main Traffic Source: Search

4. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a reliable source of information for Kenyan travellers, providing peer reviews and recommendations to make trip planning easier. The website is particularly popular on mobile devices, with 56.17% of its users accessing it on their phones. In addition, the site experienced an impressive 80.07% month-over-month surge in traffic, mostly due to search queries. Kenyans seem to increasingly rely on TripAdvisor as a review hub to plan their journeys.

Visits: 316.18K
Desktop Share: 43.83%
Mobile Share: 56.17%
MoM: ↑80.07%
YoY: ↓27.97%
Main Traffic Source: Search

5. Airbnb

Airbnb needs no introduction in Kenya. Like our SafariQuest Rentals, the platform connects travellers with unique accommodation experiences, helping them immerse themselves in local cultures. In Kenya, over 64% of users prefer using desktop computers to interact with Airbnb. Despite a slight decrease in monthly traffic, Airbnb still holds a strong presence on the web, with a 59.67% increase in overall traffic. Direct searches are crucial in helping users find the ideal place to stay and fully enjoy their travel experience.

Visits: 284.67K
Desktop Share: 64.97%
Mobile Share: 35.03%
MoM: ↑59.67%
YoY: ↓24.42%
Main Traffic Source: Direct

6. MyHire

MyHire is a transportation platform similar to our SafariQuest Car Rentals service that has been making a mark in the local industry with its impressive monthly and yearly growth rates. The platform has a 100% desktop share and is gaining more popularity with direct searches. This shows the increasing reliance on local services for travel needs. is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the transportation industry.

Visits: 174.83K
Desktop Share: 100%
MoM: ↑158.14%
YoY: ↑611.19%
Main Traffic Source: Direct

7. Skyward Express

Skyward Express is a regional airline that provides an efficient online platform for booking flights for Kenyan travellers. The airline is witnessing a steady month-over-month growth, largely fueled by direct searches. Skyward Express has a unique trend with a mobile share of 65.36%, which is higher than the desktop counterpart. This shows that more people use their mobile phones to access the airline’s services.

Visits: 144.5K
Desktop Share: 34.64%
Mobile Share: 65.36%
MoM: ↑5.29%
YoY: ↑71.69%
Main Traffic Source: Direct

8. Lufthansa

Lufthansa provides Kenyans with access to global destinations and exemplifies the airline’s dedication to high-quality air travel. Over 97% of Lufthansa’s traffic comes from mobile devices. The site is enjoying a significant increase in monthly traffic. While there was a decline in year-over-year figures, this airline’s website highlights the effectiveness of direct searches in the aviation industry.

Visits: 125.52K
Desktop Share: 2.49%
Mobile Share: 97.51%
MoM: ↑907.18%
YoY: ↓31.08%
Main Traffic Source: Direct

9. Buupass

Buupass offers online bus booking services in Kenya, making travel simpler and more convenient. The website has experienced significant growth in the number of visits thanks to its dominance in search results. In fact, 67.39% of these visits originate from desktop devices. The platform experienced an impressive 388.34% month-over-month growth in traffic, indicating a growing interest in its services.

Visits: 111.03K
Desktop Share: 32.61%
Mobile Share: 67.39%
MoM: ↑388.34%
YoY: ↑57.36%
Main Traffic Source: Search


KAYAK generates over 88% of its Kenyan traffic from mobile. It has seen a significant month-over-month surge in traffic in 2023. The platform’s diverse traffic sources, especially direct searches, contribute to its popularity among Kenyan travellers seeking comprehensive travel information.

Visits: 101.09K
Desktop Share: 11.49%
Mobile Share: 88.51%
MoM: ↑166.49%
YoY: ↓20.3%
Main Traffic Source: Direct

11. Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s largest airline in terms of passengers carried, destinations served, fleet size, and revenue, gets over 58% of its web traffic from mobile. The airline has experienced a 163.54% increase in traffic from one month to the next. Search queries are crucial in directing users to this global airline, underscoring the importance of online search in the travel industry.

Visits: 100.8K
Desktop Share: 41.48%
Mobile Share: 58.52%
MoM: ↑163.54%
YoY: ↑29.25%
Main Traffic Source: Search

12. Qatar Airways

The online platform of Qatar Airways offers Kenyan travellers easy access to luxurious global destinations. With a 75.08% share of mobile traffic and a consistent month-over-month increase in visitors, is a popular choice for Kenyan adventurers. Although most of the traffic is driven by direct searches, the platform holds a strong digital presence among Kenyan travellers looking for international connections.

Visits: 91.17K
Desktop Share: 24.92%
Mobile Share: 75.08%
MoM: ↑53.03%
YoY: ↓9.93%
Main Traffic Source: Direct

13. FlySafarilink

FlySafarilink specialises in domestic flights, connecting Kenyan travellers to scenic destinations. The airline’s website caters to regional travel needs and has a 61.02% share of desktop users. The platform experienced notable month-over-month growth due to increased search queries. As regional travel gains prominence, FlySafarilink becomes a key player in the industry and earns a place in our top 20 travel websites in Kenya.

Visits: 89.9K
Desktop Share: 61.02%
Mobile Share: 38.98%
MoM: ↑21.14%
YoY: ↑44.29%
Main Traffic Source: Search

14. Profitroom

Profitroom is an all-in-one platform that offers a range of travel services. It has been gaining popularity recently, with a significant increase in the number of visits. is considered a success story with impressive growth rates. All of its Kenyan traffic comes from the desktop. The platform is particularly notable for the direct searches it receives, highlighting the growing trend toward online booking services for accommodation.

Visits: 76.06K
Desktop Share: 100%
MoM: ↑1,320%
YoY: ↑2,606.97%
Main Traffic Source: Direct

15. Ticketsasa

Ticketsasa is an online platform that makes event and travel bookings easy for Kenyan adventurers. With a 69.59% share on desktop and a continuous increase in traffic, is becoming increasingly popular. The platform focuses on event-related activities and is driven by search queries. This caters to the growing interest of Kenyan travellers in attending events. It recently started offering air tickets.

Visits: 73.68K
Desktop Share: 69.59%
Mobile Share: 30.41%
MoM: ↑15.58%
YoY: ↑144.9%
Main Traffic Source: Search

16. is not exactly a travel platform but it tells the exact time! Consequently ending up in our top 20 travel websites in Kenya list. Perhaps Kenyans find it handy to sync their watches during their international travel. With a strong mobile dominance, has witnessed a significant increase in traffic month-over-month and year-over-year, mainly through direct searches, making it a popular go-to source for precise time information.

Visits: 72.34K
Desktop Share: 1.19%
Mobile Share: 98.81%
MoM: ↑496.39%
YoY: ↑39.62%
Main Traffic Source: Direct

17. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

If you care deeply about wildlife, the significantly revamped Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s website is a great resource for participating in conservation efforts and planning visits. The site,, is especially popular among mobile users, with a 62.95% share. The platform is experiencing a significant increase in traffic month-over-month and year-over-year, driven by search queries and demonstrating a growing interest in wildlife conservation.

Visits: 71.17K
Desktop Share: 37.05%
Mobile Share: 62.95%
MoM: ↑895.29%
YoY: ↑205.5%
Main Traffic Source: Search

18. Skyss

Not too sure why Skyss, a Norwegian public authority that plans, purchases and markets the public transport services in Vestland, Norway, seems to make heads turn in Kenya. Yet the authority has experienced steady month-over-month and year-over-year growth from Kenyans who love accessing it directly from their desktop devices.

Visits: 70.06K
Mobile Share: 100%
MoM: ↑70.27%
YoY: ↑278.2%
Main Traffic Source: Direct

19. Kenya Wildlife Service

The website of the Kenya Wildlife Service offers valuable information on national parks and wildlife conservation, catering to those who love nature. is dedicated to promoting Kenya’s wildlife conservation and has a desktop share of 53.23%. The platform consistently shows growth in month-over-month and year-over-year metrics, especially after announcing it would revise its park entry fees upwards in 2024.

Visits: 59.59K
Desktop Share: 53.23%
Mobile Share: 46.77%
MoM: ↑43.39%
YoY: ↑28.24%
Main Traffic Source: Search

20. Skyscanner

Skyscanner, which started off as a flight comparison engine, enables travellers to compare flights, hotels, and rental car prices. users access the platform directly through their mobile devices (82.52%).

Visits: 57.52K
Desktop Share: 17.49%
Mobile Share: 82.51%
MoM: ↑1.1%
YoY: ↓22.72%
Main Traffic Source: Direct

In 2023, these top 20 travel websites provided the compass for Kenyan adventurers, guiding them through their travel decisions (nearly all). Whether it’s booking flights, finding unique accommodations, or contributing to wildlife conservation, these platforms cater to the diverse interests of the modern explorer. Safe travels!