The Tentsile Stingray tree house tent designed by Alex Shirley-Smith to encourage people to protect trees as they use them to make their camping experience fulfilling, is perhaps the most spectacular innovation in camping gear since the advent of solar-powered tents fitted with Wifi. The Tentsile Stingray tents were conceived as a tree house that you can take with you anywhere.

They can be set up on the ground normally, or suspended in the air with the aid of 3 high-capacity tree-straps. The tent comes as standard with a rope ladder and a triangular, in-floor hatch allowing entry from the ground. It also has a semi-circular, above the ground hatch, which doubles as a window, for standard entry.

When the Tentsile Stingray is set up above the ground, the floor doubles as a 3 person hammock which means you do not need to carry any bedding with you. The Stingray weighs-in at just 6 KG when all packed up and is made from Ripstop polyester, Cordura and aircraft-grade aluminium.

The Tentsile Superfly Tent

The roof is made from tear-resistant insect mesh that offers protection against the smallest sand flies. The flysheet, which serves as the tent’s floor, is coated with waterproof polyester and comes in a choice of 6 colours. The floor is made from denier inclined joint nylon-polyester composite fabric which is reinforced with more than 20 M of seat belt.

In a nutshell, this tent is built for stamina, comfort and durability. Just remember not to exceed the maximum load of 400 KG and in case you go with the suspended option (why else would you buy a Tentsile Stingray anyway?), make sure you hung it at least 1.2 M above ground.

The concept is so new the patent for its design and trademark are still pending. Besides camping, the Tentsile Stingray can be used for Wildlife filming, Scientific Research, Festivals, Eco resorts, military and Humanitarian Disaster Relief.

The tent can comfortably accommodate 2 adults and with the latest rendition of the Stingray they are calling the Tentsile Connect, which is more lightweight, several tents can be joined together to allow more people to enjoy the suspended experience.

Budget for about USD 600.00 plus a USD 70.00 fixed worldwide shipping cost and, of course, the familiar import duty to get one of this.

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