In Kenya and Africa, Roasted Maize has become a popular snack, and the business of roasting maize has equally become a vibrant and booming one. Virtually in every side of town, you will go (except in the Nairobi city centre), you are likely to come across a vendor selling roasted maize.

Roasted maize is a cheap, easy to eat and filling irresistible snack. In the streets, roasted maize goes for about KES 20.00 for an entire piece, but this may be slightly higher or lower depending on where you are (in more affluent areas, it tends to be higher and cheaper in local towns – especially those known to be maize growing areas. It is all about market segmentation and laws of supply and demand).


  1. Green mature maize.
  2. Salt, chillies, and lime for seasoning.


  1. Peel off the green leaves covering the fresh maize and place them on a wire mesh over a charcoal fire. This is the Kenyan way of roasting maize, although you could put the maize in an oven.
  2. Roast until the maize attains an even golden brown colour.
  3. Apply a mixture of lime, salt and pepper for seasoning.