They say Nairobi is always buzzing with activity. Hard working men and women walk its streets, creating a harmonious melody in the air. Its beauty is outstanding; the elegantly designed buildings, the ever green and breathtaking leisure parks, its friendly and hospitable people, all come together in spectacular fashion to bring to life this amazing city.

But something more spectacular happens in Nairobi on Sunday as the city dances to a different tune. Usually the streets would be deserted and only a few souls would be walking them. But hidden deep in the CBD is a hive of activity in an otherwise sleepy town as lovers of skating transform what is normally an ordinary parking lot into a skating rink.

Skates for hire at skating rink in Nairobi

People from far and wide come here to skate and to practice skating. Some even come from as far as Kinoo and Rongai. On this day, the young and old, the poor and rich, tall and short are all drawn here by something greater than themselves; the love of skating.

Champions of the sport as well as first time enthusiasts all converge here. If you find your way to the parking lot, every minute is an experience of joy, pleasure and crazy fun. Here, nothing matters; not the fact that you have work or school the next morning, or you are running late on your bills, or business is slow. When you are here, everything fades away and all that is left is relaxation.

Skates for hire at skating rink in Nairobi

When evening comes, as mysteriously as it started, the skating rink is no more. In a way, the parking lot gets to be grateful for its existence and in the process ease the lives of many skating lovers. In case you want a taste of the fun, skating shoes are on lease for KES 100.00 per hour – feel free to come with yours in case you have them.