India seems like the next big thing for Kenya’s tourism, going by the soaring numbers recorded by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) last year. This is even as the recession continued to hit hard. But KTB is approaching its campaigns differently from the traditional cheap safari destination.

2009 saw at least 36,602 Indians visit Kenya, registering an increase of 4.8%. The KTB is very hopeful it will hit the 10% growth mark by end of 2010. By so doing KTB is optimistic demand for newer and more flight schedules to and from India will rise. Kenya Airways, Ethiopian, Qatar Airways, Egypt Air and Emirates have well-established connections between Kenya and India. Through Trac Representations, KTB’s representative in India they hope to increase the flights here.

The new campaign will position Kenya as a value destination for nature lovers, besides those interested in adventure sports, romance, beaches. Taking advantage of the low March-May season in Kenya when most Indians travel for leisure, the KTB will be urging tour operators to be innovative with their tour packages – moving away from the traditional itineraries and perhaps even showcasing the country as an ideal location for Bollywood film shoots.

The Kenya Film Commission is already preparing the ground for the country as a film destination. For instance, it will take only 2 days to get a shooting license for a feature film or drama. For a documentary, it will be immediate upon application.