Kenya Airways announced two new direct routes in its expansion strategy across Africa and the Middle East this November. The new routes will take effect next month December.

Mombasa to Dubai Direct Flights

Come the 15th of December 2022, the national carrier will start operating non-stop flights between Mombasa and Dubai. The Mombasa to Dubai route will target visitors eyeing the Middle East as a vacation and religious destination. It will also boost trade from the coastal region, particularly for electronics, clothing, and other consumer goods. Flights on this route will typically come with a larger belly cargo capacity which will benefit merchants. Moreover, exporters of seafood and fresh produce to the Middle East will enjoy higher carrying capacities.

The route will allow the Middle East, Russia, Northern Europe, and Australia to experience coastal hospitality and natural wonders. The flights will originate in Nairobi with a stopover in Mombasa to pick up passengers.

The route will see Kenya Airways increase its frequency to Dubai from 10 to 14 times per week. It will also make Kenya Airways the only airline operating in the 3,669 km (1,981 nm) sector.

Direct Flights Between Accra & Dakar

Kenya Airways announced the new direct flight between Accra and Dakar on 23rd November 2022. The service will however commence on 11th December 2022. The route will position Kenya Airways as the only airline providing this connection in the region. Demand for travel from corporate travellers, traders, and leisure travellers using this route has been rising.

Twice every week, KQ will fly from Nairobi to Accra to Dakar and then back to Nairobi via Accra. These new direct routes will increase Dakar flights from two to four times weekly. Accra flights will equally go up to nine times a week with a night flight out of Nairobi to Accra.