After eleven days of arguably the most thrilling safari experience, the historic #KenyaLive digital game drive drew to a dramatic end in Watamu. The one-of-a-kind digital event streamed live on Twitter’s Periscope kept millions around the world glued to their mobile devices.

The Mara River meanders through the Maasai Mara in this #KenyaLive aerial photo.

From the nightly adventures of the Maasai Mara, among the lion prides of the Olare Motorogi and Mara Naboisho Conservancies to the sandy beaches of Watamu, with their cryptic yet fragile underwater world, #KenyaLive delivered a stunning experience that few will likely forget in years.

#KenyaLive delivered a stunning experience that few will likely forget in years.

Maasai Mara

When a mother lioness in the Olare Motorogi area of the Mara showed off six of her month-old cubs for the first time, the world melted. “The cubs played, stumbled and pounced on each other for over an hour just as dusk descended around us,” recalled chief photographer Stuart Price.

Tim Leperes of Asilia Africa Camp holds red spotting lamp used in night game drives.


At the coastal town of Watamu, live broadcasts featured the Watamu Turtle Watch project. The world’s first live underwater telecasts brought to light ongoing work to protect the nesting sea turtles. The project rehabilitates sick and injured sea turtles before sending them back into their natural habitat. One stream even traced a turtle’s not-so-ordinary daily routine using a GoPro camera strapped to its back.

The digital game drive offered viewers a chance to spot dolphins in the area during a live stand up paddleboard broadcast.

#KenyaLive did live casts of the iconic dhow cruise, treetop yoga, and kite surfing to showcase Watamu’s destination offerings. Viewers could even be able to spot dolphins in the area during a live stand-up paddleboard broadcast.

Skydiving Minister Najib Balala landing at Watamu at the end of the eleven-day digital game drive in Kenya.

#KenyaLive climaxed when Kenya’s Minister for tourism, Najib Balala, released a critically endangered Hawksbill turtle back into the Indian Ocean. He had decided to arrive in style by skydiving in! When the minister landed, he earned a new name – the skydiving minister!

Kenya's Tourism Minister, Najib Balala skydived to the end of the #KenyaLive digital game drive in Watamu earning him a new name - the skydiving minister!

The GoPro-strapped turtle would allow the first-ever live underwater TurtleCam experience in history. This historical digital game drive showcased Kenya’s beauty to the world like never before in sixty-four stunning live videos.