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Set up a partner account on SafariQuest™ and choose your subscription plan (Duma, Chui, Nyati).


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Add your hotel, homestay, tour, car rental or flight. Make it as captivating as you can.


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Tujenge Utalii Wetu

Why Join Us

Less worry.

SafariQuest ™ handles all the SEO, the marketing and the tech so you focus on the experience.

Gain valuable insights.

SafariQuest ™ helps you build a better brand by learning and unlearning from your customer.

Earn more money.

SafariQuest ™ connects you to customers you would not have reached.


Become a SafariQuest Partner When will I go online.

As soon as you complete setting up your SafariQuest partner listing, you can open your service for bookings. We may ask you to verify your listing before you can start accepting bookings, but you can use this time to get familiar with SafariQuest and prepare for your first guests.

How do I package my service.

We dare you to do things differently. So rather than focus on features in your listing which will be captured by our feature list anyway, tell your story instead. Engage your potential buyers with the genesis of your brand – how it all started and what it has taken for you to be here today. We have discovered this story-telling approach endears your audience to you more. They connect with your offering at an emotional level.

Can I update my details later.

Yes, you can. As soon as you set up a SafariQuest partner account, you can update virtually anything from photos, pricing, and amenities in your account at any time. This is your new mini-website, feel free to interact with it as much as you can

What photos should I upload.

For starters, upload photos of your own product or service. If you can, use a professional photographer. From our experience, better quality photos sell more. Otherwise, photos from a good phone camera will do. Ensure they are at least 1920 x 1080 pixels. We recommend that you display a minimum of 24 photos of your listing. But do not worry, our photographers will help you navigate this stage. Download our Partner Content Guide for more details.

How do I benefit.

Powerful Digital Footprint
We will market your SafariQuest partner page on Search Engines, showcase it in the Kenya Geographic Magazine, share it on our dedicated social media groups and pages, and advertise it on our state-of-the-art Display Banner Ad Engine to drive the highest possible number of potential bookers your way. Plus you get a chance to participate in the annual Voyagers’ Choice Awards competitions.

The Best of R&D
We are constantly working on our technologies and SEO to ensure your page gets the kind of exposure that gets you bookings.

Instant Confirmation
All bookings made through are instantly confirmed, so you don’t have to take any extra steps on your side.

Verified Guest Reviews
We work hard to ensure we manually verify reviews. This verification gives you credibility and helps future guests stay with you.

24/7 Support
Our round-the-clock support team is here for you and your guests.