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How it works


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Set up an EneaViral ™ account with your tourism business details.


Upload your ads

Upload your ads and choose your billing model (CPM, CPC, CPD).


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Advertising on Adrenalin

Why Advertise With Us

EneaViral ™ is our Display Banner Advertising (DBA) system, the first-ever dedicated to the travel and hospital industry. Internet users love DBA because of its visual appeal. As a result, it currently commands a 23% global online market share, making it the second-largest form of advertising after Search Engine Advertising (49%).


Three Ad Choices

We offer three internationally accepted ad sizes on EneaViral™ as follows:

Medium Rectangle (300 By 250)

Half Page (300 By 600)

Super Leaderboard (970 By 90)

Three Billing Models

Cost Per Mille (CPM)

Pay for every 1,000 impressions your Display Ads get. Ideal for awareness building.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Pay for the number of times visitors click on your Display Ads. Good for sales conversions.

Cost Per Days (CPD)

Decide how many days you want your ad to be visible. Good for sustaining market share.

What You Get

High Conversion.

Our 0.52% Click Through Rate (CTR) surpasses the 0.47% Travel and Hospitality industry benchmark so you get value for money.

Optimised for Travel.

Because EneaViral ™ is exclusive to the travel and hospitality industry, your ads resonate with our holiday-seeking visitors.

Full Account Access.

Once you sign up for EneaViral ™ you can track your metrics, manage your campaigns and, renew your subscriptions.


How many banners can I upload.

EneaViral ™ has no limits. At the end of the day, quality is king. Your creative has got to have the wow effect. If you do not have the in-house capacity, check out our CreativeQuest solution.

How long does it take to go live.

Once you make the payments, your campaign goes live on EneaViral ™ in 24 business hours. Make sure to top up your account to avoid going offline.

Can I choose my ad placement.

Yes, you can! When you advertise on EneaViral ™, you are actually spoilt for choice. You have over 30 placement options and more than 4 ad formats to choose from.

How do I pay.

You can pay through bank transfer, M-PESA, Visa, or Mastercard. We are constantly exploring other options and we will keep you posted.