Today’s traveller, looking for quality accommodation and services has a wide choice of options to go with. One of these choices is to stay in a hotel or a serviced apartment.

This choice has only become widely available in the past decade or so. But between the two, which is the better option? To answer this question, we first need to examine what serviced apartments are.

A serviced apartment is defined as a ‘self-contained fully-furnished flat finished to a high standard and equipped with excellent kitchen and laundry facilities.’ With this as our working definition, these 3 benefits of staying in one are valid.

1. Comfort and Convenience

Serviced apartments combine the comfort and convenience of hotel living with the relaxed freedom and independence that one enjoys in their own home. In a serviced apartment you can maintain your own daily schedule – come and go whenever you please, without being tied to the rules of a hotel. In a serviced apartment, you can entertain and receive visitors, have family and friends stay overall at NO extra cost and without question!

In a serviced apartment you have a choice to cook your own food, at the eating time of your choice, and continue with your ‘lifestyle back at home’. What is more, you can keep your favourite snacks and drinks ready in the fridge at a fraction of hotel prices!

2. Great Value for Money

If you are on a short break, vacation or business trip, serviced apartments offer great value for money. This is especially true for families, where self-catering is so important. Serviced apartments are the ideal solution to typical short term relocation accommodation needs.

More companies prefer serviced apartments for their employees, associates and clients needing temporary accommodation suitable for family living while they look for something more permanent or are on short-term assignments of up to a year or less, because they have a budget-friendly price tag. Utility bills, service charges and maintenance are all included in the cost.

3. Great Locations

Most serviced apartments are located in convenient places, which makes it easy for a business traveller to access their meeting appointments without getting into the hassle of a morning or evening traffic jam. Some apartments are a walking distance from the nearby supermarket, church, school or office block, saving one quite a bit in commuting costs.

So whenever you are travelling on business and your nature of business will take longer than a fortnight or thereabout, you are better off settling for a serviced apartment than a hotel room – in every sense. What has been your experience?