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The Rift Valley travel experience for us starts with the most remote and sometimes hard-to-reach attractions of the North Rift circuit that are for the adventurous and for those seeking to explore Kenya at its most rugged. But they also appeal to visitors who are drawn by the area's lakes, hot springs and bird sanctuaries. Parks, lakes and attractions such as Lake Bogoria and Sibiloi. These parks hold a particular fascination for experienced travellers who like to go off the beaten track and for visitors with time on their hands. The South Rift circuit on the other hand comprises the most varied as well as some of the best-known attractions in Kenya, including the famed Maasai Mara National Reserve, Lake Naivasha and the popular and easily accessible Lake Nakuru National Park famous for its large flamingo population and its rhino sanctuary. The Maasai Mara is the ideal first-time safari destination because it has a little bit of everything, including big cats in abundance, and plenty of accommodation options - both inside and outside the Reserve, a must-do activity in the form of sunrise balloon flights and of course the world-famous Wildebeest Migration.

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