Taking out the region's insecurity, Mandera can easily be the next big Kenyan extreme adventure destination. There is great potential for adrenalin activities such as ziplining on its rugged hilly terrain. The gravity-defying rock formations have the potential to become a mountain climbers' playhouse. Did you know Mandera has a National Park? Stretching over 370, 000 acres, Malka Mari National Park is the least visited of Kenyan national parks. It sits at the north-eastern tip of the county separated from Ethiopia by the scenic River Dawa.

The County Map

Bucketlist Ideas

Bucket List Ideas

Dare Mandera to Discover Her Treasures

Here we were, on an epic 5,000 KM road trip to Mandera, oblivious of the danger that lay ahead but lured by the thrill of adventure.

On our 8th day, we travelled on the edge of River Dawo, stopping briefly to take in the spectacular views, before arriving in the town of Rhamu.