Sosiani River has been selected for a government initiative seeking to rehabilitate and restore rivers affected by rapid pollution in Kenya.  Hon. John N. Michuki, Minister for Environment and Mineral Resources, spearheaded the effort and he observed that as a result of fast growth in population and resultant economic activities Sosiani river had been polluted.

The Ministry has set aside an initial KES 15 million for the efforts which would include relocation of the non-designated dump-site and car washing sites while encouraging tree planting.

The ministry was providing the desired policy guidance, technical support and monitoring as well as evaluation to ensure benefits were realized while the Eldoret East district Environment Committee would manage the programme.

In Kenya, the management of solid waste is increasingly becoming a challenge in urban areas despite regulations to guide its management.

The Ministry, in the last three years, has supported the rehabilitation of the Nairobi river basin by cleaning it and sensitizing the community on the importance of keeping the river clean. The community planted trees along with the river’s riparian areas which resulted to clean water and beautification.

These efforts would be replicated in Eldoret and the minister has called on other urban centres to borrow from the two initiatives. Does anyone have any updates on how this initiative turned out? Share by leaving your comments below.