Lonely Planet’s recently unveiled “Best In Travel 2024” list, featuring top tourist destinations for the upcoming year, has set the travel world abuzz with excitement. The renowned travel organization’s guidebook has named Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, as the world’s best city to visit. This accolade propels Nairobi to the forefront of global travel, surpassing illustrious rivals like Paris, France, and Montreal, Canada.

According to Lonely Planet, Nairobi offers a tantalizing array of dining experiences, from charming food carts to cosy cafes. The city’s dynamic arts and cultural scene continuously reinvigorates what they aptly term ‘Nairobi cool,’ setting it apart from the rest. Elaborately adorned Matatu buses sporting ornate graffiti traverse the city’s streets, completing the sensory immersion. It’s a city that never stands still, with an ever-rotating cast of restaurants, carts, and cultural venues. Adding to this unique experience is the Nairobi National Park, an oasis of wildlife accessible from the city centre.

Paris is the second city on the list for its innovative approach to engaging with visitors. This will come in handy for it, particularly as it prepares for the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Montreal, with its dynamic neighbourhoods boasting diverse cuisine and contemporary galleries, secures the third position. Meanwhile, Mostar in Bosnia, ranking fourth, beckons with its unforgettable, minaret-studded medieval Old Town.

The travel publisher celebrated its 50th anniversary by presenting the “Best in Travel” list. It is divided into five categories: sustainable, value, cities, countries, and regions. Notably, this year marks the introduction of two new categories, ‘value’ and ‘sustainable,’ reflecting the evolving landscape of travel. As executive editor Nitya Chambers remarks, “With new perspectives on iconic destinations and 50 fresh ideas across five categories, we’re confident Best in Travel opens up a year of incredible adventures.” Lonely Planet’s recently launched “Best In Travel 2024” book spotlights the top ten countries, regions, and cities to explore in the upcoming year.