Kenya Wildlife Service’s (KWS) protected areas capitalize on the exceptional resource values of the Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA), making it their tourism flagship and providing visitors with a distinctive experience. Wildlife enthusiasts favor TCA for its well integrated inland tourist circuits. It provides a desirable destination for wildlife-related tourist activities. Life-related tourist activities account for more than 20% of the average tourist’s itinerary in the area.

KWS has put together a comprehensive management plan for the Conservation Area. Between 2008 and 2018, the Tsavo Conservation Area will implement a Tourism Management and Development Program as part of its comprehensive management plan. This program aims to ensure the preservation and sustainable development of the area’s natural resources.

In the plan’s implementation, KWS intends to offer new sites to develop boutique, high-quality tourist accommodation facilities in the low-use and wilderness areas of the TCA. KWS will enhance the Parks’ management and administration systems to support these investments. Roads, bridges and security are being improved to promote accessibility and use of the areas.

KWS found 13 locations for Luxury Tented Camps and Eco-lodges in Tsavo East, Tsavo West, and Chyulu Hills National Parks. The wildlife custodian plans to add 422 beds in the first development phase. They seek private investors to partner in creating high-end lodging for tourists in the area.

This is a lucrative commercial opportunity for the private sector partners. The private sector partners can find a lucrative commercial opportunity in the area, which is attractive for tourists. The product can easily integrate into, complement, and enrich the already famous Tsavo tourist circuit.

KWS is inviting Expressions of Interest for the lease and development of the sites through a competitive tendering process. The investment opportunities will be available to experienced local and international developers. Visit their website for more details.