Treetops Hotel in Nyeri is a testament to resilience. This world-renowned rustic treehouse hotel with a history as captivating as the wildlife it overlooks is preparing to reopen its doors this May – marking its remarkable third life.

The story begins in 1932. Inspired by the hunting platforms used in India (machans), Eric Sherbrooke Walker built a modest two-room treehouse in the Aberdare National Park. This was the genesis of Treetops, where guests could experience the thrill of viewing wildlife in relative comfort and safety.

Over the years, Treetops evolved. The original structure was replaced by a larger one, still nestled in the trees. Then, the Kenya Land and Freedom Army (KLFA) torched it in 1954. Undeterred, Treetops rose again near the same waterhole, catering to a fashionable clientele. Observation lounges and ground-level hides, strategically placed to offer a front-row seat to the drama of the African wilderness, offered unparalleled wildlife viewing opportunities.

Then came the challenge of the 21st century. In 2021, Treetops closed its doors due to COVID-19. However, whispers of a revival emerged, fueled by Keith Rigathi, son of Kenya’s Deputy President. Treetops and its sister hotel, the Outspan, will welcome guests again this May.

A visit by Mail Online journalist Robert Hardman in 2022 offered a glimpse into the well-maintained property. Perhaps the first hint at its imminent reopening. During his visit, he remarked, “The hotel looked clean and tidy, and its 36 rooms, including the snug’ Princess Elizabeth Suite’, had been mothballed.”

Ironically, the closure in 2021 coincided with Queen Elizabeth II’s 72nd year on the throne. It was at Treetops, in February 1952, that Princess Elizabeth learned of her father’s passing and her ascension to the throne. A decade later, Kenya gained independence, marking a new chapter for the Queen and the nation. This profound historical significance, intertwined with the reopening of Treetops, adds a layer of intrigue and reverence, making it a truly unique destination.

The reopening of Treetops is not just a business venture but the revival of a legend. History and nature intertwine in this unique place, igniting visitors’ curiosity. It’s an experience that’s sure to trigger anticipation. Did you know that beneath the hotel lie underground tunnels constructed by the Mau Mau fighters to access the facility? This lesser-known fact adds to the rich history of the place.