Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy is a 58,000-acre private Rhino sanctuary that has very little that is ordinary about it. Besides being equipped with a state-of-the-art veterinary clinic, this rugged wilderness area, located 225 KM from Nairobi in Laikipia North, provides a safe haven for some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife assets.

The clinic comes complete with an x-ray unit, a treatment room, a surgical theatre, a recovery room, a post-mortem facility and an Intensive Care Unit for newborn animals.

The conservancy, which has for the last 60 years been at the heart of conserving a wildlife heritage ever on the verge of extinction, boasts a rare collection of animals, including the reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, African wild dog, the greater kudu and the Laikipia hartebeest.

Today, the conservancy, which also doubles as a wildlife rescue centre, is home to about 80 rhinos (55 black and 25 white), 400 elephants, 22 species of ungulates, 5 species of large carnivores, 3 species of primates and 310 avian species.

Besides the usual African wilderness suspects, Ol Jogi has an interesting collection of residents from around the world. Take the black leopard, Bagheera, rescued from a pet shop in New York. A pygmy hippo and a spotted owl also live here. And yes, a bear!

Known as Potap, Russian for bear, Moscoe donated this 16-year-old to the conservancy. It is the only one in Kenya. Other than the mythical Nandi Bear, these magnificent creatures have never been indigenous to Africa. Hence, seeing one roaming freely in the wild in such close proximity provides an unforgettable experience.

You can visit the Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy Wildlife Rescue Center and get a taste of this unique experience first-hand. Make your booking inquiry to warden@oljogiltd.com or info@oljogiltd.com.

Stay at the exclusive Ol Jogi Home for USD 30,000. It has a capacity to accommodate 22 people.

Alternatively, you could stay at the Ol Jogi Home and have the entire 58,000 acres to yourself. The home, set against a boulder-strewn hillside, can accommodate up to 22 people in its 7 luxury cottages. It can all be yours for only USD 30,000 a night!