Tsavo House


Tsavo House isn’t just another house overlooking a savannah. Its mud walls, sculpted by local craftspeople and baked under the Kenyan sun, echo the proud traditions of African architecture. Its inspiration lies in iconic structures like the Great Mud Mosque of Djenné and, closer to home, the late Alan Donovan’s African Heritage House. Here, in this blend of ancient wisdom and modern artistry, Chris Clause finds a harmonious base for his own creative expression.

Like Donovan’s masterpiece, Tsavo House seamlessly blends into the landscape. Its walls, the colour of dried earth, melt into the ochre hues of the savannah at dawn. From the veranda, elephants, giants draped in wrinkled grey skin, roam freely, their trumpeting a symphony that resonates through the house. Ancient Baobab trees, their weathered bark etched with the stories of centuries, stand sentinel nearby, silent companions to the artist’s muse.

Living in Tsavo House is more than just observing nature; it’s an immersion. The scent of acacia blossoms mingles with the earthy aromas of sunbaked mud, creating a unique perfume that infuses every breath. The wind whispers secrets through the thatched roof, and the rustling of leaves becomes a rhythm that dances on Chris’s canvas. In this sensory feast, every element, from the chirping of unseen birds to the distant rumble of thunder, sparks his artistic fire.

Tsavo House isn’t just a home; it’s a canvas, a story waiting to be told. Its walls, adorned with Chris’s vibrant depictions of the local wildlife, breathe life into the ancient art forms that inspired its very being. Through his brushstrokes, the elephants, the Baobabs, the endless horizon, become more than just sights; they become voices, echoing the timeless story of a land where nature and art intertwine in an endless loop.


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Extra pillows and blankets
Hair dryer
Outdoor furniture
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Voi, Kenya


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