How many places do you know of that originate from within a one mile circle? Nakuru, started like this when a one mile radius circle from the main entrance to the railway station was proclaimed a township in 1904. Like most other regions in Kenya, its name has Maasai origins. There are those who say Nakuru is one big archaeological site. It not a wonder then it is so rich with spectacular archeological attractions. Definitely worth a visit!

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Bucketlist Ideas

Bucket List Ideas

A Native’s Ultimate Guide to Nakuru

As a 'Naxarian', born and bred, I intend to show you how much more there is in Nakuru town than the party life as I take you through its many other sides.

I am a 'Naxarian', born and bred. My intention is to show you the many other sides of Nakuru besides party life. Hop along.
Bucket List Ideas

4 Things to Do at Lake Nakuru National Park

Here are three reasons Lake Nakuru National Park should never miss in your travel bucket list when you are visiting Nakuru town.

Bucket List Ideas

Shegadia Was an Unforgettable Adventure

I had never heard of the Shegadia Campsite before. My friend and I were pleasantly surprised when we got there and ended up having our best adventure yet.