It is clear Kericho holds many firsts. It is home to the largest Sikh Gurudwara in Africa. It is also the location of the world's single largest tea plantation. What is unclear is the origin of its name. One theory says the name has something to do with medicine. After all, the Kipisigis name for medicine is kerichek. The first hospital in the region built by the British at the start of the 20th century adds more weight to this theory. Another theory says the name was derived from the name of a local medicine man, Kipkerich. A third theory believes a Maasai chief, Ole Kericho who was killed in the 18th Century by the Abagusii, may have inspired the name. Whatever its name, Kericho is a truly bucketlist destination, particular for its green landscapes full of one of the world's finest tea.

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