Baringo never allows you to forget it. As soon as you do, it does something to remind you it exists. Take for instance that time when the waters of Lake Nakuru rose so high the flamingos shifted their traditional base to Lake Bogoria? Do you remember that time the fosill remains of the oldest chimp recorded were discovered here? That is what Baringo does. It makes sure you never forget.

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Paleontologists Find Oldest Chimpanzee Fossil in Baringo

Paleontologists have discovered the first known chimpanzee fossil while digging near Lake Baringo, in Kenya's expansive Rift Valley. The find will provide the first physical evidence that chimpanzees coexisted with early human ancestors known as hominins.

Chimpanzee fossil found in Kenya's Rift Valley. Provides evidence of coexistence with early human ancestors.
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Meet the Rat that Commits Homicide to Survive

It appears homicide also occurs in the wild. The Crested rat collects poison from the Msunguti or Arrow poison tree and coats itself in it as a defence mechanism. When predators try to it, they ingest the poison and die!

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Could Lake Bogoria be New Home of Flamingos?

Lake Bogoria this year overtook Lake Nakuru, holding the world’s largest populations of lesser flamingos. 1.7 million lesser flamingos landed at the lake.