While Kilifi has fewer tourists than Mombasa, its beaches in Kikambala, Watamu, and Malindi, and heritage of famous ruins dating from the 14th to the 17th century, such as Mnarani, still bring a fair share of adventure-seeking travellers and history buffs to the county.

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Bucketlist Ideas

Bucket List Ideas

4 Things to Do at Malindi Marine National Park

Malindi Marine National Park is arguably the oldest African marine park and the first of its kind in Kenya where you can do these four things.

Bucket List Ideas

Besides Beaches, Malindi has a Space Centre

The Luigi Broglio Space Centre (BSC) is an Italian-owned spaceport near Malindi, Kenya, named after its founder and Italian space pioneer Luigi Broglio.

Stranger Odysseys

Rare Mysterious Coelacanth Caught in Malindi

Mysterious Coelacanth fish thought to have gone extinct over 65 million years now turns up off the coast of Malindi sparking global curiosity.