KWS is partnering with private investors and developers to establish eco-lodges, restaurants, and conservation activities in their parks, reserves, and sanctuaries to promote sustainable tourism. Kenya Wildlife Service strives to protect the nation’s natural heritage while providing exceptional experiences for visitors.

“Preserving our natural riches while providing unmatched experiences is a delicate dance,” says Dr Erustus Kanga, Director General of the Kenya Wildlife Service. “We recognize that sustainable resources and close collaboration with our valued stakeholders and partners can achieve this delicate balance.”

The ambitious project doesn’t merely promise short-term gains. It’s a resounding call to action for a long-term commitment, envisioning a world where the wildebeest migrations continue to paint the plains in magnificent splendour, and the majestic elephants continue to roam freely for the delight of future generations. This vision hinges on a harmonious fusion of preservation, tourism, and community engagement.

With this exciting prospect, KWS will host the inaugural Kenya Parks Investment Forum on Wednesday, 23rd August 2023. Nestled within the heart of Nairobi National Park, the Clubhouse will host a gathering of potential investors who share a passion for the country’s natural beauty and the eagerness to make a meaningful contribution to its protection.

“Imagine waking up to the serenade of nature’s finest orchestra while sipping your morning coffee at an eco-lodge designed to coexist harmoniously with the environment,” muses Jane Wanjiku, a conservation enthusiast. “This initiative paints a vivid canvas where responsible tourism merges with ecological mindfulness.”

The Kenya Parks Investment Forum promises to be more than just a gathering. It is a melting pot of ideas, aspirations, and progress. Industry leaders, environmentalists, and investors will converge to explore avenues where innovation meets conservation. The forum will delve into the exciting prospects of designing facilities that respect and enhance the pristine landscapes they inhabit.


KWS invites prospective investors to participate in the forum to embark on this transformative journey and play a vital role in safeguarding Kenya’s rich biodiversity. Registration is simple, as individuals can scan the QR code on the image above, email, or directly fill out this Google form to secure their spot.

“The Kenya Parks Investment Forum is more than an event; it’s a crossroads of aspirations,” highlights Mark Njoroge, a wildlife photographer. “It’s a chance for those who dream of contributing to a legacy greater than themselves while enjoying the best nature offers.”

Kenya is moving towards a brighter future where conservation and tourism go hand in hand. The Kenya Wildlife Service is leading the way in this exciting movement, showing a deep dedication to responsible stewardship and sustainable development. They’re setting an incredible example for others to follow. This journey has the power to change the way we interact with our natural world, leaving an incredible legacy where both people and wildlife can flourish together.