Uhuru Gardens are an iconic memorial public park that holds a special place in Kenya’s history because it is at this park that the country, on the 12th of December 1963, was born. The park, which is the largest in Kenya, gets its name from a Swahili name, Uhuru, which means freedom.

The Gardens symbolise the end of an era of colonial oppression and the beginning of a journey of freedom. On that day when more than 40,000 Kenyans converged here to witness a historic moment, the late Kisio Munyao was making more history by planting the Kenyan flag atop the highest point of Mount Kenya.

Several very descriptive monumental landmarks can be seen at Uhuru Gardens, including a fig tree (Mugumo) planted on the spot where the Union Jack, the British flag, came down as the Kenyan flag went up amidst great jubilation from those that had come to witness this historical moment on that day in 1963.

The 1973 Independence Day Monument, consisting of a 24-M column in the middle marking 20 years since Kenya’s independence still stands here for all to see. A pair of marble hands at the base of the column clasping a heart with a dove hovering above symbolises the Nyayo philosophy of ‘Peace, Love and Unity.’

To the right of the tower, a woman and 3 men raise the Kenyan flag in the spirit of togetherness or ‘Harambee’. To the left, the statue of a man stands in front of the Kenya Court of Arms, ready to ‘protect our interests and resources.’ This is the centrepiece of all attractions at Uhuru Gardens.

You can also check out a peculiar 25th-anniversary monument erected in 1987 to mark 25 years since independence. It depicts 3 people pushing against a marble prism and a column towering above them.

This peculiar 25th anniversary monument erected in 1987 to mark 25 years since independence.

The gardens provide an ideal location for picnics in their well-manicured lawns. If the idea of picnicking comes after you get to the park, do not worry, there are many places to shop for quick snacks nearby, including at the nearby Uchumi Hyper.

Corporates love holding their events here as well and many great concerts have been staged here. The gardens are popular among the newlyweds as a film or photoshoot venue. Nowadays it is possible to jog here.

Uhuru Gardens are located along Langata road, near the Uchumi Langata Hyper. They border the Carnivore Restaurant to the south and the Wilson Airport to the East. The gardens are open daily from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.