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How it works


Sign up

Set up a MICEQuest ™ Event Organiser Account and complete your profile.


Design your event

Decide what you want (streaming, ticketing, booth booking, participant paring, etc) and bring it all together in one place.


Run the show

Make your event live, and track performance all in real-time.

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Why MICEQuest

MICEQuest ™ is our reaction to lessons learned from the recent COVID-19 menace. That the world can shut down completely is a reality we now live with. But that does not need to happen again because, through our new state-of-the-art MICE event manager, the entire conference or seminar experience can be delivered virtually without compromising quality.

You can stream keynote speeches, moderate discussions, receive revenue from entrance tickets, sell exhibition booths and facilitate highly engaging networking through advanced AI-driven participant paring algorithms from one platform through MICEQuest ™. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. You can run your physical MICE events with MICEQuest ™ as well – so it is not just virtual!

With MICEQuest, Event management becomes much easier as routine processes are automated

Feature Highlights

Live on-demand streaming

Host video conferences, symposiums, summits and panel groups on MICEQuest ™. Place guests on/off stage, run on-demand videos for sponsorship promos and intros. Multi-cast to Youtube, Vimeo and Social Media to increase viewership.

Digital Event Hosting & Profiles

Add value to your events with digital profiles, video content and demo opportunities with MICEQuest ™. Sell sponsorship ops, enhanced company listings, product activations, and more to increase exposure and success for your clients.

Build, Launch, Evaluate, Repeat

Engage clients in successful sponsorships, meetings, or sessions. Cloning past events is simple and painless without the headache of reloading everything. Re-Invite past clients by sending customized invites and push notifications.

How long before I go live.

As soon as you have finished setting up your profile on MICEQuest ™ and you have included all the services you need to offer exhibitors to your MICE event, you will be ready to go live.

Is my data reusable.

Absolutely! In the future when you want to host another event, you can easily reuse your existing data to customise a new event experience. You can for instance send invites to existing exhibitors and participants without having to reinvent the wheel.

Can I use it for a physical event.

Of course yes! While MICEQuest ™, has amazing features to run a virtual event, it can also easily be used to manage a physical one. Services like ticketing, booth booking and exhibitor/participant validation are very likely candidates.

How do I pay.

At the moment you can pay through Paypal. We are working to add other payment options in the future and we will keep you posted.