The Kenyan government recently elevated 21 historical sites in the towns of Nairobi, Machakos and the coastal region to national monuments. The elevation comes barely a month after President Barack Obama, who will be visiting Kenya later in the year in July, also designated three new national monuments in the USA.

Obama also announced a new initiative to increase the number of children who visit national parks. A majority of the Kenyan monuments are man-made and seem to be aimed towards promoting the increasingly popular battlefield tourism that is already well-established in neighbouring Tanzania.

This now brings the total number of monuments in Kenya to 229. It is not clear what criterion was used to identify the monuments or how the 3 areas were selected but what is clear is that the government of Kenya is committed to preserving a piece of the country’s priceless heritage while also diversifying tourism offerings.

Controversy has surrounded a number of past monuments and hence for the 21, a window period of 60 days from the day the announcement was made has been provided during which you can challenge the list. This will ensure wider participation in arriving at the final list.

Do you agree these 21 historical sites deserve to become National Monuments? Share your thoughts and suggestions. In the meantime, here is the full list.

The African Heritage HouseMachakos
First Old District Commissioner HouseTaveta
Methodist Church Hola MissionTana River
Taveta ACK GravesTaveta
Ukasi RockKitui
Maktau Picket HillMaktau
The German Fortress
Kaloleni Social Hall in NairobiNairobi
Maktau Railway StationMaktau
Salaita HillTaita-Taveta
Taveta ACK Holy Trinity ChurchMahoo
Voi Commonwealth War GravesVoi
Mau Mau Memorial SiteTana River
Maktau Indian Commonwealth War GravesMaktau
Nzambani RockKitui
Taveta Indian Commonwealth War GravesTaveta
Taveta Indian Military CemeteryTaveta
Taveta Commonwealth War GravesTaveta
Kino Caves (Kenyatta Caves)Kitui
Kariokor CemeteryNairobi
Kaloleni Estate StreetscapeNairobi