Kenya Airways (KQ) is facing yet another eminent strike. The strike, planned to start on Wednesday, 13th October next week over a pay dispute over fresh demands by staff regarding a return-to-work formula signed between the airline and the union following the first strike on August 25th last year, will see over 5,000 employees of the aviation industry down their tools.

The looming strike will significantly impact the airline’s operations. The Aviation and Allied Workers Union has issued a strike notice over a pay dispute, which may affect more than 5,000 Kenya Airways employees. They are demanding a backdated salary increase of 15 months, amounting to a significant cost.

The airline and union negotiations over pay have been unproductive. The union accuses Kenya Airways of violating a return-to-work formula signed with the union after last year’s strike. The union asserts that the company was supposed to review the formula every six months but failed to honour this agreement.

The strike last year cost the airline KES 640 million for three days. The company incurred losses as a result of flight cancellations and delays, and it is likely to face similar challenges if the looming strike goes ahead.

The strike comes at a time when Kenya Airways is already facing significant financial challenges. The company faces tough competition from budget airlines and regional carriers. The pandemic worsened the airline’s already struggling position.

Kenya Airways has been taking several measures to address its financial challenges, including cost-cutting initiatives and a restructuring plan. The airline has also been exploring new revenue streams, such as cargo operations, to diversify its income sources. However, the looming strike presents another challenge for the company, which is already grappling with multiple operational and financial challenges.

A potential staff strike at Kenya Airways could have major repercussions for the airline and the Kenyan aviation industry. The strike is a reflection of the underlying challenges facing the airline, including its financial woes and operational challenges. The company must resolve the pay dispute to avoid a strike and ensure smooth operations.