Few things thrill humans like the prospect of recognition and the longer the pursuit, the sweeter the anticipated victory. It is a feeling we have grown accustomed to after scooping several national and international industry awards over the years. But a nomination at the World Travel Awards is a different ballgame altogether. It is like moving from the local league to the championships league or from ordinary to extraordinary.

That is what happened when Kenya Geographic got a World Travel Awards nomination for the Best Online Travel Agency in Africa award a few weeks ago. Up to this point, we had only written about others getting nominations or wins. Now it was us, and that was surreal. Remember our post last year about how different Kenyan travel brands handled their World Travel Awards wins?

The Nomination

Getting a nomination for the highest industry award in the world means there is something we are doing right. We have you who keep supporting us to thank. But above all else, we have God to give gratitude to for His ever-present help. As we bask in this glory waiting to exhale, we will not lose sight of our promise to you. Our desire is to continue to be a dependable travel brand. We shall endeavour to connect you with exceptional bucket list ideas which allow you to live the Kenyan magic truly. Our goal remains to establish Kenya’s first Integrated Travel Platform where you can buy your air ticket, book your accommodation, hire your safari vehicle, choose a tour package and do your travel shopping. Soon you will even be able to watch your favourite travel shows from the comfort of your device!

We have made a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver a new disruptive travel solution that allows you to maximise your experience without necessarily breaking the bank. That is only achievable through innovative thinking. You can be sure that is how we think every single waking day, more so in this new normal. We passionately embrace the idea of how Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can offer valuable insights into understanding you. We believe this approach will enable us to be adaptive and responsive to your dynamic needs as we strive to deliver a second-to-none user experience.

Today, more than any other time in history, we are all compelled to think outside the box to achieve the usual unusually. Incidentally, when we decided on an online business model several years ago, COVID-19 was not even a figment of our imagination but thank God we did! We are now calling upon you to support us one more time during this year’s World Travel Awards with your vote. Let us together prove it is possible to do it in Kenya. 

How to Vote

The voting process is straightforward and will not take more than three minutes of your time. Here are the quick steps:

  1. Follow this link to our World Travel Awards nomination page.
  2. Register (if you already do not have a WTA account).
  3. Cast your vote for Kenya Geographic and that is it!