The House of Treasures, in the quiet suburbs of Karen, is a true treasure trove of priceless memories. It is the end-product of many journeys by 2 intrepid travellers, a mother, Janet Hurt and her daughter, Sasha, as they traverse the world in pursuit of the thrill of adventure and discovery.

In less than 4 years they have managed to put together, probably, one of the most unusual collections of exotic antique and modern items that delight travellers and designers alike.

Their stunning collection knows no limits – from the princely Brass chandeliers from Rajasthan to the elaborately carved wooden chests of Zanzibar, it has now become synonymous with ‘the best things in the world’.

Yet it comes as a surprise to many, including me, to discover that in this labyrinth of intricately crafted masterpieces, there is miraculously something to fit any budget. From as little as KES 100.00 to as high KES 500,000.00, you will find, therein, something that tickles your fancy.

But it is not only artefacts that you will have a chance to feast your eyes on at the House of Treasures. There are architectural pieces dating back to the chin dynasty and innovative fashion and jewellery from renowned designers such as the beautiful gold, silver and semi-precious jewellery of the Silk Road by Sally Dudmesh, among many others.

The Africana collection showcasing artefacts from the Dinka of South Sudan and the Ashanti of Ghana is intricately displayed for the tribal art lover.

Whether it is the tastefully finished double-woven cotton hammocks from Mexico, the hand-made intricate ceramics and lighting from Morocco, the scented herbal candles from South Africa, the mother-of-pearl salad spoons and chopsticks or the free-flowing Indian lunghis and dhurries, The House of Treasures seems to have something of everything – almost like a meeting point of the ancient and the contemporary.

If you are a fan of Paul Ropp’s funky Indonesian-inspired clothing line, then you need not look no further. His selected collection of evening and beachwear, especially for adults, will inspire your 2014 fashion resolutions.

Alongside this is a vast selection of colourful cotton beach sarongs, silk mix pashmina throws, beaded belts and leather/suede shoes. For the kids, the designs of Kenya Kanga available will delight parents and children alike – not to mention the rich assortment of kid’s toys and dolls’ houses all the way from Indonesia.

As you step into the House of Treasures, through its giant carved doors, you sort of get this feeling that in a flash of time, the old and the new came together in a tapestry of aesthetic wonder and pure pleasure – a true treasure hunt.

But before I blow their trumpet too much, why don’t you pay the place a visit and see for yourself then come back and tell us what you thought by commenting below.