Ever come back from a trip feeling totally blown away by the sights, sounds, and vibes of a new place? It is like you soak it all in – the colours, the patterns, the way people dress, the whole atmosphere. And sometimes, you might even find yourself incorporating those little pieces of inspiration into your everyday life without realising it.

But what if I told you that travel can influence your furniture choices, too? Think about it – the architecture you see in different cities, the way people use their spaces, even the colours and patterns in their clothing – it feeds into our sense of style and what feels good to have around us.

Africa, in particular, is a treasure trove of diverse cultures, traditions, and history. It is a place that bursts with inspiration! Today, we are setting our sights on Kenya specifically and diving into how you can bring that Kenyan magic into your own home through furniture.

Cultural Charm of Kanga

Kanga, a native Kenyan cloth, is more than just a piece of fabric; it is a cultural icon with a rich history and meaning. Kangas are usually rectangular and feature a central motif surrounded by vibrant designs and Swahili sayings or slogans.

Picture a coffee table completely transformed by a breathtaking Kanga print. Not only will it serve as a place to rest your drinks, but it will also spark conversations and captivate guests with the thought-provoking proverbs it displays. The Kanga’s captivating appearance and thought-provoking nature make it an exceptionally distinct muse for furniture design.

Ethnic Flair of the Shuka

There is no denying the captivating presence of the Maasai people in Kenya. Their colourful garments and detailed beadwork are easily identifiable, representing a fundamental part of their unique cultural heritage. An iconic element that catches the eye is the “Shuka”, a vibrant red blanket worn by both men and women.

Consider a contemporary chair covered in a textured fabric that mimics the famous red colour of the Shuka. Geometric designs derived from Maasai beadwork might accentuate the look further, giving the cushions a little ethnic flair and conversation-starting flair.

Ogiek Inspiration

The Ogiek are a people whose ties to the natural world are as strong as the roots of the old trees surrounding them. They live deep within the lush woods of Kenya. Animal skins are significant in traditional Ogiek attire, made from natural materials found in their woodland environment.

While times have changed and clothing practices have evolved, the Ogiek’s reverence for nature has persisted throughout their existence.

This deep respect for the natural world offers furniture designers a treasure trove of inspiration. Picture a set of side tables or stools made from premium, responsibly sourced leather. Any room would benefit from the earthy hues and natural textures that add a sense of cosiness and genuineness.

The Samburu’s Colourful Influence

The Samburu tribe never fails to inspire with their colourful culture and remarkable clothes. Their way of life pulsates with colour and energy. This characteristic is evident in everything they do, from clothing to beadwork.

Imagine bringing a touch of vibrancy into your home with a stunning set of nesting tables! The vibrant hues of Samburu clothing would inspire the set’s design. Gorgeous blues, ochres, and reds echo the exquisite Samburu textiles. Intricate beading adorns Samburu jewellery; geometric designs or tassels covering the sides of the tables could provide another layer of ethnic richness.

Sustainability in Kenyan-influenced Designs

The vibrant cultures of Kenya, particularly the use of animal skins in clothing by some tribes, offer a wealth of inspiration for modern furniture design. However, it is crucial to prioritise ethical sourcing and sustainability when incorporating these elements into our homes.

An exquisite armchair constructed with leather panels sourced ethically could feature simple stitching patterns reminiscent of traditional community marks, adding a touch of sophistication to the rich cloth. This garment would be fashionable, refined, and a lovely tribute to Kenya’s diverse cultural legacy.


By drawing inspiration from different places and cultures around the world, these designs add depth, diversity, and a touch of wanderlust to our homes. Furniture designs inspired by Kenya combine vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and cultural symbolism. Each piece carries a rich narrative of tradition, a deep bond with nature, and a celebration of community heritage.