Whether you are exclusively going for game drives, or you have chosen a more diverse safari package, chances are you will spend most of your time in a vehicle. If you suffer from carsickness, this can be quite uncomfortable. Unfortunately, carsickness is not something you can wish away. That is why I have compiled this list of practical tips to help you deal with carsickness as you travel through Kenya.

Watch what you Eat

To effectively deal with carsickness, you have to watch the food you eat before or during your safari. For instance, if you are going to spend the whole day in the car, consider eating dry foods and fruits instead of anything fried. Eat fresh fruit, fresh juice and dry toast. Avoid bacon, sausages and fried eggs and save them for later on. You should also avoid too much sugar as that too can cause nausea. When it comes to daytime snacks, go for whole fruits like an apple or grapes. Do not eat packaged potato crisps, potato sticks or anything oily.

Sip on Water

I understand it can get inconveniencing when you have to go to the bathroom numerous times during your safari. However, when you start feeling dizzy, or you suffer nausea, sipping water is always an excellent remedy. The water helps to settle any upset in your stomach, therefore, calming the nausea effect. You should, however, note that if you are drinking water to deal with carsickness as opposed to quenching thirst, keep the sips small and frequent. Drinking huge gulps can make the carsickness worse.

Carry Cinnamon or Mint Gum

Cinnamon and mint are age-old remedies for nausea. Therefore, it only makes sense that cinnamon and mint gum also help to deal with carsickness. The best part is this remedy is at least enjoyable. The right chewing gum can help keep your mind active and your breath fresh throughout the day. I should, however, point out that this remedy might not work for everyone, especially those with medical conditions such as acid reflux.

Roll down the Windows

If you frequently suffer carsickness, you should always go for a window seat.

If you frequently suffer carsickness, you should always go for a window seat. Whenever you feel bad, you can roll down the window and let in the fresh air. You can also lean in closer to the window and take deep breaths through your mouth against the fast-moving wind. The air pressure helps settle nausea. In worse-case scenarios, seating by the window allows you to throw up easily without much obstruction.

Look for a Distraction

Another excellent remedy to carsickness during your safari is a distraction. Sometimes giving too much attention to how you feel only makes it worse. If the motion of the car is making you uncomfortable, you can try putting your mind on something else. For example, if you have earphones or headphones, you can choose to listen to music. You can also play a game or engage in a conversation with the people around you. This does not stop the discomfort but it helps you get through it.

Go Slow on the Deodorant

We all love smelling fresh and nice in the morning, especially if we will be spending the day around other people. However, carsickness can accelerate with strong smells, such as perfumes or other cosmetic products. Therefore, to deal with carsickness or at least reduce its damage, avoid using strong-smelling fragrances. The smells can cause your stomach to bloat, give you dizziness or even make you vomit.

Seek Medical Help

Medication should always be your last resort because this option might cause unhealthy dependency. However, if your carsickness remains unresponsive to all the above remedies, then you should visit a doctor to get medical advice. Sometimes carsickness occurs because of a more serious underlying issue. There are also over-the-counter medications available for the same. It is, however, always best to administer this only after proper medical consultation.

Final thoughts

Carsickness can make your safari uncomfortable and even frustrating. You may even end up keeping off all types of travel to avoid the unpleasant feeling. However, with the above tips, you can deal with the situation and have a great time journeying through beautiful Kenya.