Thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, movement is heavily restricted in Kenya and all around the world. We can no longer travel to our favourite parks and hideouts. Although the lockdown is not permanent, it might be a while before travel is back to normal. So what can you do to cure wanderlust while stuck at home? Here are some ways you can try.

Bing on Travel Shows and Documentaries

With technology and apps like Netflix and Showmax, you can now access shows and films of all sorts, no matter their date of release. Since you cannot go out and explore the world for yourself, perhaps a documentary such as Our Planet could be a great way of filling the gaps. There are dozens of other travel and discovery documentaries that display the world and all its beauty. The best part of such shows is that they mostly remain relevant even with passing time. Even without Netflix, channels such as National Geographic and Discovery can be enjoyed on DSTv. As much as these are not always Kenyan, you will still get to learn a lot about other parts of the world. You never know, you just might end up finding your next destination after the quarantine.

Watch Kenyan Travel Vlogs

If you want exclusively Kenyan travel content, then consider watching Kenyan travel vlogs. Travel vlogs are similar to travel blogs. The only difference between the two is vlogs use video and blogs rely on the written word. Kenya has a few exquisite travel vloggers that are worth every minute you invest to cure wanderlust. All you need is a steady Internet, some snacks and time. Some of the vloggers to look for include Brian Kimani (Getaway Planet), Farhana Oberson and the Swahili Gal. Magical Kenya, by the Kenya Tourism Board, has some good content as well. All these vloggers share their unique experiences travelling around Kenya. They also give helpful tips and facts that can come in handy once we can move again. By watching them, you get a feeling of almost being part of their adventures. This somehow pacifies the longing of wanting to be out travelling and exploring the great outdoors.

I am a visual person. I process and learn faster by seeing rather than reading or listening. Therefore, I find myself having more photos than books. During this lockdown period, I have found great comfort in going my collection of pictures of some of the favourite places I have been to. By doing so, I can almost imagine myself being there, enjoying the sunset or the feeling of warm sunlight on my skin. If you do not have your own gallery, you can always go through Google stock photos. The beauty of Google destination photos is that you get to see one place from many different perspectives. As a bonus, you also get related images of locations similar to your search. That way, you get to appreciate and discover new places. I always believe there is enough space for one more destination on a travel bucket list.

Follow Travel Pages and Groups on Social Media

Social media platforms might have some disadvantages to them, but they also greatly help in bringing people together. There are several pages and groups dedicated to sharing daily travel content. Some just share photos and others give essential travel information. A few groups allow members to also share their personal travel experiences. Being part of such spaces will enable you to meet like-minded people who appreciate travel. You might even end up getting travel friends who can be helpful in your future travel plans.

Read Kenyan Travel Blogs

Lastly, you can cure wanderlust by reading travel blogs, which share frequent travel information about Kenyan destinations. Of course, our own Safiri Kenya Blog is top on our list of suggested blogs. We have tons of posts related to Kenyan travel, people and culture. Other Kenyan travel blogs worth checking include the Kenyan Camper who shares his experience as a solo traveller around the country. Zuru Kenya, Kenyatalii, Wangechi Gitahi and Safari254 are also very informative and intriguing. Reading Kenyan travel blogs during this quarantine period can help cure wanderlust in several ways. You will get to mentally teleport to all the beautiful spaces you will read about, which will make you less sad about the lockdown. Secondly, you will gain a lot of information about the dos and don’ts of travel, which will come in handy once you get back on the road.

Final thoughts

Until COVID-19 is over, we have no choice but to stay home and keep social distancing. For the likes of us who always want to be out exploring, it can be a tough season. Staying in one place takes a lot of energy. However, thanks to the Internet, we do not have to entirely miss the thrill of adventure. We can still feed our wanderlust by getting lost in travel vlogs, blogs, photos and TV shows.