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Room Kerama comprises of 1 Double Bed or 2 Twin Beds, 2 Bedside Tables, a Desk & Chair. The room is furnished with wall to wall carpeting, trendy furnishings and a balcony.

Our ultramodern glass bathroom is equipped with hairdryer, magnifying shaving and make up mirror as well as all the amenities you could possible need during your stay.

A Complimentary Bottle of Wine, Fresh Fruit and Mineral Water, are provided on arrival. Electric current: 220 Volts. Smoking rooms & inter-connecting rooms are also available.

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Bulk discount adult
#Discount groupFrom No. daysTo No. daysValue
1Package 3 - 5 days3 - 510
2Package 5 - 7 days5 - 720%
3Package 7 - 12 days7 - 1230

Room facilities

Air Conditioning
Flat Screen TV
Hot water


2 reviews
Travel With Excellence

Travis Tan

Great location, extremely clean and brand new amenities. huge bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. Would recommend to anyone. Great value.
Travel With Excellence



"Nice place, not too far from city central."

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from $41/night
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