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Module 1: Setting Up a Partner Account
Kenya Geographic has many user categories. In this topic, account managers will learn which category to use when setting up an account for the first time. They will also learn how to get the new account verified.
Module 2: Putting the Profile Together
The account manager will learn all the ropes from setting up rate cards, profile titles and intros. They will learn about photo quality and photo types.
Module 3: Publishing the Profile
Once the partner account is verified and populated with content, the last step is to publish the profile. This topic will look at what that means.
SafariQuest Partner Associate
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The SafariQuest™ Booking Engine is full of cool tools that you can use to
showcase the features of your product or service offering – amenities, star rating, location, number of rooms, etc. – so do not worry much about this when writing your introduction or description. Tell your story instead! People love and easily connect with stories of journeys taken to be where we are.

They love to hear how the idea was mooted. Who was in that first meeting? Where did it happen? What has it taken to be here today? What does the future look like? Focus on these things to tell your captivating story. As a guide, you can include things like:

  • Rooms important guests have slept in, tours important clients went
    on or even cars that were used that are now a classic.
  • If there are interesting secrets or facts the public knows little of, such as the meanings of brand names, you can bring them out.
  • Feel free to reveal the awkward first moments trying to put together
    your first tour and how things almost went wrong!
  • Be human!
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