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Module 1: Setting Up a Partner Account
Kenya Geographic has many user categories. In this topic, account managers will learn which category to use when setting up an account for the first time. They will also learn how to get the new account verified.
Module 2: Putting the Profile Together
The account manager will learn all the ropes from setting up rate cards, profile titles and intros. They will learn about photo quality and photo types.
Module 3: Publishing the Profile
Once the partner account is verified and populated with content, the last step is to publish the profile. This topic will look at what that means.
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About Lesson

Good photography can capture beautiful, well-lit and realistic photos of your listing. Your photos should show everything, including specific details that will captivate and inspire travellers. That’s why we recommend a minimum of 24 photos of your listing. Your photos need to be of consistently high quality and high resolution.


  • Should take travellers on a visual journey through your listing.
  • Reflect on the ambience and energy of your listing.
  • Emphasise the culture and history of your listing.
  • Show the kind of experience travellers can expect during their interaction.
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