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Module 1: Setting Up a Partner Account
Kenya Geographic has many user categories. In this topic, account managers will learn which category to use when setting up an account for the first time. They will also learn how to get the new account verified.
Module 2: Putting the Profile Together
The account manager will learn all the ropes from setting up rate cards, profile titles and intros. They will learn about photo quality and photo types.
Module 3: Publishing the Profile
Once the partner account is verified and populated with content, the last step is to publish the profile. This topic will look at what that means.
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You can set up a subscription plan after completing the account registration process. Kenya Geographic has three subscription plans as follows:

Chui Plan
The Chui Plan will offer you a range of benefits for a single listing. For just $60 per month, you will be able to integrate with PesaPal™ and PayPal™ to facilitate customer payments. You will use PayPal™ to make withdrawals. You will receive a complimentary display banner account preloaded with 50,000 CPMs on our EneaViral™ ad engine as long as the subscription is active. The plan provides exposure for your listing to our Wasafiri Club™ network, which has over 15,000 members on social media, Telegram, and WhatsApp groups. Additionally, your listing will be showcased in our monthly Kenya Geographic Magazine. Your listing will also be eligible to participate in our annual Voyagers’ Awards™.

Duma Plan
The Duma Plan will allow you to upload up to 10 listings for just $150 monthly. This plan will also come with the PesaPal™ and PayPal™ payment gateways for customer payments. You will use PayPal for withdrawals. This plan also comes with a complimentary display banner ad account that will offer you 5 banner ads monthly, each preloaded with 20,000 CPMs worth of reach. These ads will run throughout the subscription period on our EneaViral ad engine. Like the Chui Plan, you will get direct exposure to a growing community of ready travel buyers through our Wasafiri Club™ and the monthly Kenya geographic travel magazine and be eligible to participate in the annual Voyagers’ Awards™.

Nyati Plan
With the Nyati Plan, partners will get up to 20 listings. For a monthly fee of just $250, you can use PesaPal™ and PayPal™ to accept bookings and withdraw through PayPal™. This plan will come with a complimentary display banner ad account with five display banner ads, each preloaded with 20,000 CPMs, running throughout the subscription on our EneaViral ad engine. It will also have access to the Wasafiri Club™ and participate in the annual Voyagers’ Awards™.

Free Trial Plan
In case you want to test the revenue-generating power of the booking engine before you start on a subscription plan, the free account provides a 120-day trial period with all features enabled for one listing (hotel, tour, holiday rental, car rental). You will thereafter need to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using the engine.

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