Kenya Geographic™ is a TRA-recognised online travel marketplace with a unique homegrown concept designed to connect hotels, holiday homes, tour providers and car rental businesses with the right travel buyers at the right time.

One of the ways we can build the connections for you is through SafariQuest™, our booking engine similar to, but exclusively built for Kenya. Our engine enables you to list your travel inventory and receive direct bookings. Because SafariQuest™ will only list travel businesses in Kenya, you get amplified visibility while giving your brand global exposure.

We are in the exciting phase of building our B2B partnerships with industry players to develop that inventory. For this reason, we invite you to be part of this bold journey to establish an indigenous online travel experience we can proudly call Kenyan, made in Kenya.

SafariQuest™ runs on an agency revenue model. We charge a 10% commission for every booking made through the engine. Our system automatically deducts the commission when a sale is made, so you are only charged for successful bookings.

The Benefits

You get USD 300 worth of marketing value when you sign on to SafariQuest™. Among the amazing benefits you enjoy include:

1. Ready Direct Buyers

Our Wasafiri Club™ community is exclusively available on LinkedIn, Facebook, Telegram, and our Kenya Geographic Magazine™. By becoming a partner, you will gain direct access to more than 15,000 travel buyers on these platforms who are interested in travel deals. If you need help creating your artwork, the CreativeQuest™ team can add some creativity to it for a small fee.

2. Complimentary Advertising

We offer one free banner ad on our EneaViral™ Display Banner Ad engine. You can select from three sizes: Medium Rectangle (300 by 250), Half Page (300 by 600), or Billboard (970 by 250). Should you need some creativity infused into your artwork, the CreativeQuest™ team is on standby to light up your creatives at a small fee.

3. Top SEO Positions

Our SEO keeps improving to give you top Search Engine positions for your SafariQuest™ profile. For instance, our “SafariQuest Partner” keyphrase has enjoyed the number one position on Bing and Google for over a year.

4. Fabulous Gala Event

Signing up as a SafariQuest™ Partner automatically qualifies you for the annual Voyagers’ Choice Awards™ Gala, which celebrates Kenya’s finest in the hospitality industry.

5. Powerful Business Insights

You will be granted early access to our TravelStats™ White Papers. These white papers will provide you with important business insights, assisting you in making data-driven decisions about your business and the industry. Later in the year, the complete reports will be available on our online travel shop, The TravelHive™.

6. Highest Industry Security

Besides regular backups and virus checks, your bookings on our platform are secured by 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption. Strategic partnerships with Pesapal™ and Paypal™ come with PCI-DSS Level 1 certification and PCI-PIN compliance. These provide an extra level of security you can be confident transacting through.

7. Valuable Customer Reviews

Customer-generated content (CGC) is crucial in inspiring more bookings in the travel industry. Positive reviews can make a huge difference in attracting new guests to your facility. Our system is designed to integrate with a powerful rating and review system that follows international benchmarks to capture the user experience at your facility. This process generates more guest bookings and helps you improve service delivery to provide an exceptional guest experience.

8. Local Customer Support

We understand the importance of providing excellent customer support. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly support specialists is available around the clock to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Whether you need assistance setting up your SafariQuest™ account or have a question about a particular feature of our service, we are here to help. With our commitment to providing the best possible customer experience, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

How to Join

  1. Register and verify your SafariQuest™ Partner account.
  2. Build and publish your profile.
  3. Get bookings.