As swimming pools become standard features in most travelling experiences, swimming pool etiquette also becomes paramount. The swimming pool is now a public space that responsibly and respectably deserves a high level of priority. Some of the swimming pool etiquette you can observe include the following:

1. Carry a Bathing Suit

For health and decency, always have your swimsuit with you when going to a public swimming pool. Some people decide to go into the swimming pool with their undergarments, and others in the nude. Not only is this inappropriate for other guests in the hotel or resort, but it is also unhealthy. Even though most facilities treat the swimming pool water regularly, it is still possible to pass on germs this way. Having a clean swimsuit keeps you and other swimming pool users comfortable, healthy and safe.

2. Shower Before Hitting the Pool

All swimming pools have a showering area in or around the changing room. Swimming pool etiquette dictates that you make use of the bathrooms here before and after your swimming session. A pre-swimming shower helps clean off the ‘outside’ dirt like sweat and makeup before getting into the water. It also helps to adjust your body temperature, so you do not go into shock when you get into the pool. Make sure you shower while wearing your swimsuit.

3. Safeguard Your Luggage

It is regrettable how often travellers lose their belongings in swimming pool areas. It is essential always to be careful where you put your personal effects in this case. If you use the lockers in the changing room, make sure they have padlocks or lock combinations. Otherwise, leave your things at the reception for safekeeping. If you are staying in a resort or hotel, then leave your valuables in your room. You can opt to leave them in your car if applicable. A towel, swimsuit, and a change of clothes are all you need after all.

4. Do not Litter

It is entirely okay to decide to spoil yourself the whole day swimming and sunbathing. Just remember to keep those activities like eating, lounging and socialising around the swimming pool litter-free. Take your food to designated areas, and place your litter in the proper disposal points. Some people assume that the chlorine levels in swimming pools are high enough to keep the water clean at all times. However, littering is not only polluting but also destroys the aesthetics of the swimming pool.

5. Ask for Help

Proper swimming pool etiquette requires that whenever you need something around the swimming pool, you ask for help before making an uncertain decision. For example, if you need floaters, make sure you find out whether you should directly take them, or if there is a protocol to follow. Asking for direction will always save you a lot of trouble. You might even avoid suffering extra charges. If you are not a perfect swimmer, you should ask about life-saving services so that there can be someone to look out for you, while you are in the pool. Clarify about swimming pool charges. Most disagreements and brawls result from people who, out of assumption, choose to swim first before paying. Even if you are a guest in the hotel or resort, always clarify about swimming pool charges.

6. Mind other Pool Users

A flaw that most travellers and general humans share is individualism. Granted that when travelling, you should have the best time. That should not, however, be at the expense of others. When using a public swimming pool, make sure you consider all the other people around. For example, if possible, do not be too loud. You can have fun without distracting others. You should also avoid deliberately throwing water outside the pool. You can have maximum fun without inconveniencing other people.

Final Thoughts

Swimming pools are almost a given experience during travel adventures. Since most of them are public, observing a few swimming pool etiquette makes all the difference. Following them ensures everyone has a pleasant and enjoyable time while swimming. Are there different important swimming pool rules we might have missed? We would love to hear from you. In case you may want to take your swimming experience a notch higher, here are some spectacular rooftop pools in Nairobi to try.