It is barely 3 years since Kenya was voted the ‘Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year’ by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators. Since then, there has been a sudden interest in Kenya as a golfing destination.

Though little-known as a golfing destination of the world, the game’s history in the country goes way back than this. The Kenyan golfing culture has been around much longer before the recent accolades began to stream in. In fact, golfing clubs like the Royal Nairobi Club have been around for more than 100 years.

Kenya currently boasts 40 golf courses, 10 of which are classified as international and 8 that are export-ready, which means they are ideal for international golf travellers. Yet little is known of these facilities which have a potential to open up a new culture of tourism never before known in the country.

When you talk of golfing in Kenya, it goes beyond the beautifully manicured grounds. In this article, we will explore 4 reasons a game of golf in Kenya provides a deeper, one-of-a-kind experience;

1. Great Weather

Kenya is known for weather that suits all seasons – they say it is a gift from mother-nature. One can enjoy a game of golf almost all year round with great and long days of soothing sunshine ahead. Imagine still being able to tee-off at the Windsor when the rest of Europe and America is freezing.

2. Legendary Hospitality

Kenya has one of the most developed hospitality industry in this part of the region, offering top-notch services. This comes with a dynamic air transport that is increasingly accommodating hassle-free direct flights from Europe and America to Nairobi’s JKIA and other major Kenyan airports, not to mention our unique ground transportation that just amazes all who experience it. International golfers can fly in, get processed and be in their hotel rooms and ready for a game of golf in no time.

3. Scenic Beauty

All (or at least most) of Kenya’s international standard golf courses are strategically located within naturally attractive landscapes or wilderness areas which would be a fantastic bonus for the majority of golfers who want to combine a game of golf with a little safari.

Take the Mount Kenya Safari Club where players catch a glimpse of Mount Kenya, Africa’s second tallest mountain with its mysterious snow-capped peaks, while playing in the 9-hole course. Here, one gets to enjoy an additional rarity – they say that at the 7th hole, you can actually tee off south of the equator and putt north of the equator!

4. Literate Caddies

The literacy levels in Kenya are reasonably high hence nearly all caddies and staff in our famous golf courses would have a good command of English. This is an advantage you rarely get in most exotic golf destinations where it is sometimes difficult to communicate with those charged with the responsibility of ensuring your golfing experience is enjoyable and stress-free.

Whether your choice is Sigona, Nyali, Muthaiga, Karen, Great Rift Valley or Vipingo, you will find that any of these courses offer you an experience beyond what you are used to. Next time you are in Kenya, be sure to sample the golfing experience around.